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10 good reasons to join Richmond Unison

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1. Get help if you have a problem at work
If you feel you've not been treated fairly, or are facing difficulties at work, ask your local UNISON branch for advice. If you're facing a disciplinary hearing or need support at work, we can help. Our local reps draw on the combined knowledge and experience of the whole of UNISON. We can work with you to find a solution.

Richmond Unison has recently helped three members avoid dismissal in cases of alleged gross misconduct. In one case the allegation was thrown out and the member re-instated. In the other two, the penalties were reduced significantly and the members kept their jobs. Managers do not always get it right! 


2. Have a say in how to improve things in your workplace 
UNISON is also there to try to make work a better place. If you have ideas about how to improve work - from better lighting in the car park to more flexible working hours - UNISON gives you a voice. Working together, our collective strength means we can talk with your employer to try to improve things.


3. Make savings on top of this 
Helping you at work is our main concern. But there are lots of other benefits that you are entitled to - cheaper holidays and insurance, financial services, a UNISON credit card, and vehicle breakdown cover. UNISON welfare, our own registered charity provides support for UNISON members and dependants at times of special need.


4. Undervalued?
You earn more in a unionised workplace
Average earnings are higher in unionised workplaces. UNISON stands up for your rights to a fair wage and a decent standard of living. If you're a member, you'll get a say in the claims we put forward to your employers.

With Richmond Unison’s help, two Unison members are pursuing compensation claims for massive unsocial hours underpayments going back several years. The amount is in the tens of thousands.


5. Deserve a break?
You get more annual leave in a unionised workplace
The average trade union member in the UK gets over 25% more annual leave a year, compared with a non-unionised worker. This is because trade unions like UNISON have fought for a better working life on behalf of members.


6. At risk?
You're less likely to be injured in a unionised workplace
All employers have a legal duty to provide a safe workplace, but the union has trained health and safety officers to make sure employers stick to their legal obligations.

If you get injured at work, UNISON will help you pursue a case for compensation from your employer.

As a result of a Richmond Council’s outsourced company’s negligence, a Unison member sustained painful head injuries and lacerations that have left permanent scarring. Unison supported the member in making a claim against the employer alleging serious breaches of various regulations under the Work (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. The medical evidence supporting the claim was undeniable. The employer admitted liability and the claim was settled for the global sum of £25,000.


7. Moving on?
You get more and better training
Workers in unionised workplaces are more likely to receive job-related training. Since 1994 UNISON has reached agreements with employers to pay for courses and give paid time off for employees to attend them.

A  Richmond upon Thames College former cleaner studied for an A Level in Biology whilst working at the college and is now studying for a science degree at Birkbeck College, London, part-funded by Union Learn. Aim High!


8. Time to adjust?
You get more maternity leave, paternal and carer leave
Unionised workplaces are much more likely to have maternity, paternal and carer leave policies in place which are more generous than the statutory minimum. UNISON can negotiate better leave policies at local level and help you achieve a better work/life balance.


9. No respect?
You're less likely to be discriminated against in a unionised workplace
UNISON campaigns against all forms of discrimination - including age, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation. We have successfully led the campaign for tougher anti-discrimination laws being introduced in the workplace.


10. Keep public services public 

Our members are the people who provide the services the public depends on. We have succeeded in winning pay and employment protections for staff transferred to the private sector. We work to improve the working conditions of our members within the public sector. Join us in our campaign to keep services public and strengthen the voice of public sector workers.