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Term Current Wandsworth Position Current Richmond Position Initial proposal re Harmonisation
Incremental pay progression
Merit based system for all staff based on a clear set of criteria
Increments to top of career grade payable automatically subject to eligibility and satisfactory service. Management grades and Chief Officers - increments payable on confirmation of a good appraisal, subject to moderstion.
Merit based system for all staff, based on clear set of criteria
Performance related pay PRP funded at 2.5% for staff below PO7& 6% for those PO7 and above, not consolidated. Managers have discretion to award within this funding envelope, using a clear set of criteria. None Perfomance related pay, based on clear set of criteria, funded at 2.5% for staff below PO7 & 6% for those PO7 and above
Pay Protection 2 years None currently, with any arrangements being agreed as part of individual proposals 1 year pay protection
Annual leave 31 days for all staff, including 2 statutory days Ranges from 23 to 32 days depending on grade and length of service. Includes 2 statutory days Move to 31 days to all staff
Sickness triggers Short term absence triggers: 9 days absence or after the 2nd occasion of sickness absence within any rolling 12 month period. Salary reductions of 1 day at 1st trigger, 2 days at 2nd trigger and 5 days at 3rd trigger. Long term absence triggers- 4 working weeks, salary reduction of 1 day at 1st trigger, 5 days at 2nd trigger or if in excess of 3 months. No salary reductions associated with sickness triggers. Triggers for management action are 8 daysin 2 or more occasions for short term intermittent absence, 6 weeks for long terms absence within any rolling 12 month period. Move salary reductions linked to absence triggers equivalent to Wandsworth's scheme
London Allowances Inner London Weighting Alloowance is integrated into basic pay. Outer London Weighting Allowance is weighted into basic pay. London allowances is determined by whwre the individual is based
Redundancy Actual pay x variable multiplier between 1 & 2. Costs of early payment of pension are reducted from redundancy. Actual pay x fixed multiplier 1.5 Move to Richmond scheme of actual pay x fixed multiplier 1.5, with the addition of a further discretionof up to 0.25 in special circumstances.
Voluntary overtime Mon-Sat Time and a quarter paid Plain time for part-time work up until full time hours, then 1.5 or planned overtime rates. Move to time and a quarter paid
Car Allowance- Essential User Lump sum £846 if meets eligible criteria and 36.9p per mile, reducing after 1st 8,500 miles No essential car user category and no fixed payments. Approx 200 users set up as casual and able to claim mileage only. Adopt Richmond model of claiming mileage for new employees.
Car Parking Staff pay £25 per month for car parking if they are full time and £14 per month if they are part time Car parking provided for limited number of staff on a needs basis. Other staff make own arrangements including through salary sacrifice scheme Both boroughs to retain existing schemes as an interim measure pending further analysis and consideration.
Expenses Paid in accordance with the standard national terms for Chief Officers who cannot claim for journeys within the Greater London Area All staff can claim Pay in accordance with the standard national terms for all staff below Chief Officer level regardless of grade. Chief Officers to be able to use corporate Oyster Card for business journeys within the M25
Travelling between Richmond and Wandsworth As above for general expenses To date, either a corporate Oyster Card or can be claimed back via expenses. Corporate Oyster Cards to be provided solely for any element of journey between Richmond and Wandsworththat doesn't form part of a normal commute to and from work. No allowances for those choosing to drive.
Additional commuting expenses arising from SSA Paid on locally agreed basis of 2 years after change. Currently considered on a case by case basis That additional commuting expenses arising from the SSA should not be paid.
Compassionate Leave Up to 3 days paid leave can be granted Up to 5 days paid leave at the discretion of the employee's AD/Director, in events such as death of a near relative. Move to 3 days paid leave for all staff
First Aid allowances £125 per year £102 per year (only qualified staff) To move to £125 per year for all staff
Payment of professional subscriptions Professional fees are paid whilst individuals are in training but this ceases once qualified. HCPC registration fees (£160.00 per employee every 2 years) Professional fees are generally paid whilst individuals are in training but cease once qualified, except in strictly limited circumsatances where required as part of statutory role. Payment of HPCP (excluding for Chief Officers) but no other professional fees